RSS feeds for release announcements?

Is there an RSS feed I am missing for release announcements? I see the “Sonarsource Updates” forum exists but that missed the 7.9.1 release and contains other non-release posts as well.

Hi @jblaine,

If you want to follow our releases announcements, here you are:
You can either subscribe by email or to the feed, to receive all the good vibes we share on our Product News!
Is it what you were looking for?


That’s exactly what I was looking for. Thanks. I don’t see SonarQube 7.9.1 release info there though - perhaps just an oversight?

Hi Jeff,

Yes, an oversight on our part! :flushed:

Here’s the link to the ‘better late than never’ product news posting.

You should see the news come through on your RSS feed in the next day or so. Thanks!


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hi @Clint.Cameron : I don’t see 7.9.6 either. And we can’t find any release tag for this version in GitHub Releases · SonarSource/sonarqube · GitHub either.

Hi Mhow2,

Thanks for your posting. While it wouldn’t be obvious on your end, we’ve (mostly) adjusted our SQ version announcements such that we announce the ‘major’ releases (e.g., 8.6, 8.7) on the website and via Product News. For ‘minor’ releases (e.g., 7.9.6, 8.7.1) that fix bugs or backport features - these are typically posted only on Community.

I realize this could be confusing and/or perceived as inconsistent. May I ask your use case? Are you simply looking for the best method to stay informed when ANY new SQ release is made available?

PS - we’re investigating why 7.9.6 isn’t listed on GH.

Hi @Clint.Cameron,
Thank you for your answer.
In our use case, we discovered that 7.9.6 not only fixes bugs but security issues as well. This is why we’re looking for a way to watch the release flow in a reliable way.

these are typically posted only on Community.

What’s “community” here ? A web page ?

Are you simply looking for the best method to stay informed when ANY new SQ release is made available?

Yes, at least for LTS releases, so as to be informed when to apply for any hot fix.
We’re also watching CVEs.

What’s “community” here ? A web page ?

By Community I meant this forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Are you simply looking for the best method to stay informed when ANY new SQ release is made available?

There are two aspects here: 1) we realize we need to make SonarQube releases more evident ‘in-product’ so users are aware and can orchestrate an update if desired 2) we’ve missed posting some LTS release updates via the ‘Product News’ RSS feed. That’s our bad and we’ll do better and I’m adding that action to our SonarQube release checklist.


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Well another option is to watch GitHub’s release. (btw, the release there doesn’t tell if it’s a LTS)

By the way, 8.9 LTS is not listed on All Product News | SonarSource (yet)

The v8.9 LTS is on the Product News page now!

Apologies for the delay! Thanks for keep us honest! :sunglasses:


not sure if I need to post here, or if I need to create a new topic, but my question is exactly the same. The RSS feed provided on the page mentionned before hasn’t been updated since June, 2021.
Is there a way to get an RSS / Atom feed of all the updates (major / minor…)? I don’t want to spend time going to multiple places to get this information, having it in my RSS monitor makes is much easier.

Another issue I am having is that the SonarSource blog, although providing interresting information, doesn’t have an RSS feed anymore. It makes it pretty unconvenient to follow.


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Hi Vincent,

Thanks for this feedback. We’ve disabled the feeds since they seemed pretty low-priority for the user population at large. You might be interested in following the announcements category here in the community (altho, fair warning: we’re likely to restructure the categories here “soon”).


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Hi again Vincent,

I’ve just been reminded that you can sign up for email notification for new versions (patches not included) of SonarQube. You’ll find the sign up here:


Hi there, to bad the RSS feeds are disabled. Is there any change they could be enabled again. We would like to use the feeds in our slack channels where we gather all kinds of update notifications for multiple tools and applications.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Hi @Febiunz,

Welcome to the community!

Sorry, but there are no current plans to revive the RSS feeds.


Hi again @Febiunz,

I just realized you can get RSS feeds out of the community, so this might help:


Hi Ann,

Thank you for the reply but I am not sure what you mean with “get out of the community”. The link you provided is not a link to a RSS feed but some filtered view of the community forums I think. Could you clarify what you mean or maybe provide a link we can use in an RSS feed reader or similar.

Thanks in advance, Fabian


Hmm… I’m not sure what happened to my link. It should have pointed to the RSS feed for the Announcements category. Trying again.

Does that help?


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Hi, thanks! That does help I think.

Kind regards, Fabian

+1 on feed support for releases. Most dev teams have a releases channel to notify them of updates to to tooling releases and lacking this makes it hard for us to know what’s coming in each release and when to upgrade. Makes us look at competing products that support this functionality.