Retrieving fileUuids from a web API request (or programmatically elsewhere)


Can I get fileUuids from a web API request? I can’t seem to locate a way to do so in the web API documentation.

If not, what is the best way to programmatically retrieve these ids for a given project?

Version 8.0 (build 29455)


Hi Andy – and welcome to the SonarSource community!

It’s definitely possible to get file UUIDs from the Web API (api/components/search or api/components/show for example) but it would be great to understand why you’re trying to do that, since pretty much all the other API calls you’ll wan to make are based on component keys, not UUIDs. Can you expand on your use case a little?



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Hey Cameron,

Thank you for the response. Noted on the component keys and makes sense.

Sure, I just wanted to create a project, scan (lint) a few files and then go directly to a file’s issues at /issues?fileUuids=uuid&resolved=false. Also, go directly to a file’s /issues filtered by types or severities. What you provided gets me what I need to do so.



Hey Andy,

Got it – makes perfect sense. Happy scanning!