Restrict access to Sonarqube based on LDAP Group Membership?

I am running Sonarqube on Windows Server 2016 with the built-in LDAP plugin.

I have LDAP working, as new users are able to log into Sonarqube with their domain credentials and create an account, but I would like to restrict access based on a specific group membership in AD. Unfortunately, all users on the domain are able to login at this time, as I have been unable to restrict access by AD user group membership. I have no interest in Group Mapping at this time, simply would like to find the LDAP string for LDAP user configuration that looks for a specific group membership in AD and then grants access if the user is a member or denies if the user is not a member. The following is my LDAP configuration in the properties file:

#----- LDAP configuration
# General Configuration

# User Configuration


You can restrict SonarQube access based on a specific LDAP/AD group membership by restricting the user-filter option on the ldap.user.request:


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