Active Directory User and Group Access through LDAP

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  • SonarQube Developer Edition
  • Need to restrict admin and User Access to authorized AD Users and Groups.
  • LDAP integration is complete. Currently any AD User is able to log into SonarQube. We need to restrict it to specific Groups and users


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Users are going to be created on first login. But you can restrict what they can see by tightly controlling ‘Browse’ permissions on your projects.

Does that help?


Hi thanks for the reply. the method we are trying to implement is limiting access to Ad groups.
we should have the option to add an ad group to sonarqube and limit everyone else. at the moment with ldap integration any ad user is able to log in.


Your best bet for this is to somehow craft your lookup strings so that only users in your target group are found at login.


This method worked for me.

Restricting login to users from a specific LDAP/AD group - SonarQube - Sonar Community (

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