Is it possible to control access by LDAP?


I’m wondering if i can discriminate users based on their LDAP group membership. I realice that everyone who has a valid user can access to SonarQube instance but i would like to allow the entrance only for determinate groups.

Is it possible?


Hello @jserrahima,

Yes this is possible.
You would have to:

  • Configure LDAP group synchronization (so that when user authenticates, its group memberships are also fetch from the LDAP). See Group mapping section on the page below
  • Create on SonarQube groups with the same names as the LDAP groups you want to sync
  • Assign permissions based on these groups

See Delegating Authentication | SonarQube Docs


Hi @OlivierK,

Thanks for the reply. I was finally able to filter by group membership like this:

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