Restore Access Option

Hi I am running sonarqube 9.3.0 enterprise.

What does the restore access option do? It seems like it gives whoever clicks it access but how? Is it temporary access? I do not see the user added to any groups or permission templates. I only see it in the logs that I was added as admin to the project I chose restore access to.

And that is exactly what happens when you click Restore Access – it’s to help system administrators regain access to a project they have been locked out of.

Thanks. Is this temporary access or permanent access? Why does it not get added to the user perms or permissions templates?

  • It’s permanent access.
  • If you browse to the project-level permissions, you will find that your user has been explicitly granted Administer permissions on a project
  • Permission templates have a single purpose, which is to apply a set of permissions at the time a project is created (or overwrite all permissions on a project if applied manually). The adjustment of permissions to a single project will not adjust the permission template.

Ok great just found that. Didn’t know we had project permissions. I always looked at the main permissions.