Request your assistance on rule java:S1166

The SonarQube server was upgraded from v6.7.6 to v7.9.1. There is no change in custom added “Sonar Java” profile, but there is one issue noticed this upgrade added couple of new major items - more details below.

Prior to upgrade with v6.7.6, there was zero count issues in Sonar dashboard for Java projects. But after upgrade for a couple projects noticed the major count added by a few issues (less than 3). When Investigated, all sonar projects showed same rule (java:S1166). I am looking for what caused the problem, even though there is no change in profile.

Is there any known fixes on this rule, could you please reference me to release notes. Thanks and appreciate your assistance.


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When you take a SonarQube upgrade you don’t just upgrade the UI, you upgrade the analyzers too. Many times that means existing rules get smarter. Sometimes that translates to False Positives no longer being raised, and sometimes it means that False Negatives are eliminated, and new issues are raised. Without more detail on the actual issue, I have to go with that being the situation here.


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