New Code Problem After Upgrading

Hi community,

We upgrade our SonarQube Enterprise instance to 8.9.7.
After upgrading we get some problem.
First problem is that, although our new version is not 9.x we get the below warning.
The java version on the SonarQube server is 11.

The second problem is that, when we scan the projects, although there is no more change on code, it show there is more code change over code and it show that as new code, so because our quality gate metric, projects are getting fail. Actually the codes are not new.

Thank you in advance.


We try to keep it to one question per thread, so I reserve the right to ask you to open another thread of you have followups on both questions.

Yes. This is a deprecation notice. That way when you eventually upgrade past the current LTS, you will have been thoroughly warned about the necessary JVM upgrade. :smiley:

What is your New Code Period setting? When does the UI show your New Code Period starting?


Hi ganncamp,
The period of new code is Previous version (Default).


When did you last change the version string you’re passing into analysis?


Hi @ganncamp,

Sorry for late answer,

Is the problem about that?
I share some more screenshot to clarify the our problem.

Coverage show 2.2k new line, dublication show 9.1k new line, but code commit is not covered so much line.


Yes, I think the problem is about that. Your graphs (thanks for the screenshots!!!) show that your New Code Period starts… a year ago? It’s time to review your New Code Period Settings. At the project level that’s: Project Settings → New Code.


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Thank you @ganncamp

At the project level I changed new code period and it did not work.
After that I set a version number for a specific date analysis and it has worked.