Repository not getting loaded in SonarCloud


We have a repository that does not get loaded in sonar cloud, we have refreshed the PAT multiple times but nothing happens. Could you please help troubleshooting the issue?

Thanks in advance.

Hey there.

What do you mean by “not get loaded”? What DevOps platform are you integrating with (Azure DevOps, Gitlab…)?


The platform that I am integrating it Azure DevOps. By not getting loaded I mean I am not able to see the ADO repository in SonarCloud and work with it. The other repositories can be seen in “Projects” but not this one.




Normally, this would be caused by permissions on the token that has been set in your organization-level Administration > Organization settings > Azure DevOps connectivity management. This token is being used to query<YOUR ORG>/_apis/git/repositories/

You might want to try generating a new token (preferably by the same account you’re using to integrate with SonarCloud) and querying that URL to see if the repository shows up:

Hi Colin!
I did rotate the token recently with read/write permissions, however, the repository is still not showing. I can send you a screenshot of the missing repository in private?
Could something else be the issue?

My next suggestion would be using that token to call<YOUR ORG>/_apis/git/repositories/ and see if the repository you’re trying to integrate is returned (the StackOverflow post mentioned gives an example of calling the Azure DevOps API).