Repository needs an project key / organization key change


looking at similar closed issues, I need some help changing a project key.
We have an organization that is GitHub bound, but for some reason when a specific repo in our org is imported in SonarCloud, it has a “wrong” project key and org key.

I’m not fully sure, but likely the project has been moved in the past across GH orgs.

Hey there.

What do you mean by “wrong”? What do you expect, and what is it (that you don’t expect?)

I’ve imported a specific project in Sonarcloud (which sits in our GitHub organization), but I can’t configure nor analyze the project after that. I think the reason is that the organization key is somehow set to “teamdigitale”, while all our other imported repositories have instead a “pagopa” value.

Our SonarCloud organization is bound to a GitHub org.

Hey Pietro.

What happens when you try? Or what leads you to conclude it can’t be analyzed? Please be detailed (and feel free to provide screenshots).

For example – is the project visible in your organization-level Administration > Projects Management? What happens when you click on it?

Hi Colin, no, the project is not showing up in the Projects Management section.
However, it is shown as already imported when trying to add it again, I’ve attached a screenshot.

The first project has the “right” organization id, as any other imported one, “pagopa”:

io-backend instead, it was for some unknown reason imported as “teamdigitale”, leading to this URL:

On that page, I’m unable to do much.

Thanks for your assistance.

Hey there.

What I would guess is that another organization was, at some point, bound to this GitHub organization. This project would have been created under that organization, but either you don’t belong to this organization or don’t have Execute Analysis permissions. The cleanest solution would be to delete this project from that organization (Team Digitale) and recreate it in the new organization.

I’ll reach them out and see what can be done, unfortunately it is a different entity now and they may or may not still use SonarCloud. Yeah, I confirm I’m not part of that org.

Is there anything else that can be done that doesn’t involve them, since the io-backend repo is in our GitHub “pagopa” organization?

Alternatively, would it be possible to share privately who the current admins of “teamdigitale” are, so that I can send them an email?

Hello @pp-ps are you still having trouble changing your project key?

Hi Justin, yes, the project is still bound to the “teamdigitale” org.

Thanks @pp-ps,
I will look into this for you today and update you after my investigation.

The username of a member of both organizations ( pagopa and teamdigitale) was provided via private message.

This user can coordinate the deletion of the io-backend project from the teamdigitale organization.

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