Project key already registered

The other dat I wanted to add my organization through the create an organization wizard.
In step 2 of this process I saw that the key was suffixed with -1.

When I removed the suffix value an error message appeared: This name is already taken.

If I lookup the organization by going to :
it exists. With no projects in it.

Can you help me with getting information about who registered it? Or is it possible to transfer the key to our organization? It is a very specific project key with our organization name combined with the department name.

Kind Regards,

Hello @edwinl.fhict ,

Unfortunately this is not something we can do on our side. As an alternative, is the organization bound to one of the code repository platforms? As an example for Brave Software, you can click on the small GitHub icon to go to their linked GitHub organization.


Maybe you can find a clue there.