Project Key in Sonar Cloud is changing

Dear Team,

The Project keys for Sonar Cloud Analysis for Azure Devops Maven Pipeline has been changed for my organization. Previously the key followed a pattern of ->organizationname_projectname and now the pattern has been changed to organizationname_projectname. Can you please let me know how frequently the keys are changed with in Sonar Cloud , and whether we will be notified about this change since our pipelines can fail if we don’t update to the latest one. I am aware that Sonar Cloud gives the flexibility of changing these project keys, but I am bit concerned since the key has been changed without our knowledge.

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Hey there.

Existing project keys should never change unless a project administrator initiates some action. Keep in mind that any project administrator has the rights to update a key under the project Administration > Update Key.

Could somebody have done this without your knowledge?


I don’t see difference between these patterns.

Dear Colin,

Apologies ,the new key pattern is ->organizationname:projectname , and currently it is just me who is working with Sonar Cloud.And no one have changed the Project keys. I did raise another issue few days before for Pull Requests not working due to project key issues which your team is currently looking in to, below is the post related to it , I am not sure if any of the project key updates which are happening at Sonar Cloud now are a part of working going on this issue.

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