Reporting per developer/committing user with bug, vulnerabilities etc. created and fixed by him/her


(Bart Van Oerle) #1

The report per developer is meant to get an overview of who is creating Sonar issues, code duplications, failing unit tests etc., but also who is fixing the issues.
It could then be used to create a sort of competition among the developers to write better code. (The one who creates the most issues in a month has to bring cake for the team :slight_smile: )

For this SonarQube would need run the analysis to store it’s results for every commit made by a developer. The delta is then the number of issues created/fixed by this developer.

To make this report complete a couple of things may need to be added:

  1. Running SonarQube on older revisions so to complete the historical data if not present yet
  2. Also complete Sonar analysis for failing builds (unit test analysis may not be possible, but code analysis should work). A failing build could be marked in a specific category of issues and thus also linked to the respective developer.

(G Ann Campbell) #2


We’ve got gamification on our long-term goal list. At the same time, when we do go this route we’ll be very careful about aggregating metrics like how many issues you introduced this week. We used to provide that with the Developer Cockpit plugin, and what we found is that some managers used those numbers as a stick to beat people up with.


(Bart Van Oerle) #3

Hi Ann,

Thanks for your message.

I understand your point, however I don’t agree with it.

There are many tools that people have been misusing, trucks and airplanes for terrorism, hammers and axes for murders… Would the world be a better place without them?

Plus, if a manager wants to be mean, he’ll find a way to do it.

But Sonar is open source, right? So I could develop this functionality in a fork maybe. I’ll look into that.


(Markus Amshove) #4

As a developer of a big legacy application I would love to have some kind if metrics (maybe a personal statistic) of my contributions in refactoring sources that I have to maintain at the moment.

Having a project with thousands of code smells it is hard to see the impact at the moment, because the graphs don’t really show much with such high numbers.

I can see and accumulate all issues assigned to me (based on SCM sensor), but observing that doesn’t really show my impact, because I’m also working on files that aren’t originally created by me.

I think it would help me a lot to be able to guess the time I take to actually clean up code (let’s say I start with 30 minutes a day) monthly and have a number of how much issues (assigned and not assigned to me) I reaolved during a time frame.