Show users who resolved more issues

I would like to encourage the resolution of issues, but I do not have information on the progress that each person has made, would it be possible to obtain that information?

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I’d like to know more about your context around this

  • how many persons are working in your team?
  • how do you do today to track developer’s progress?
  • what would be, for you, the best way to encourage the resolution of issues?

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hi Christophe,

  • 5 persons works on the same repository
  • we only share the overall main branch to see the progress on the repository
  • i like to see a ranking best issue resolver, eg user1 = 100, user 2 = 50

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It is good to motivate people (also think of gamification …), but you should consider that it may be - as in my company (Germany) - strictly forbidden by law to collect user-related data.


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Hi @David4 and thank you for your answer.
To me that sounds like a way of controlling the work of developers, while the purpose of our tools is to give full control to developers about their code.
Ranking “best issue resolvers” by the number of fixes they commit, doesn’t sound fair to me. Two commits may have different impact on the overall code.

I’m not sure this contributes to our vision.

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