Remove possibility of manually resolving an issue as "Fixed"

(Alix Warnke) #1

I propose to remove a feature. Here is my motivation:

If an issue is fixed and the latest code is reported to SonarQube it should be detected by SonarQube and resolved as “Fixed” (which it is). There is no good reason, i.m.h.o, that a user should ever resolve an issue as “Fixed” manually. The user should instead fix the issue and trigger a new analysis and let SonarQube handle this status.

The drawback of having this possibility in the UI today is that an unexperienced user of SonarQube misuses this status when they really should resolve an issue as “Won’t fix”. Then there is no reasonable way to distinguish between issues that were actually resolved by changing the code and issues that are still in the code base but where someone thinks it’s not an issue (which it might be).

Possibly there is a benefit of marking it as fixed if analysis is not performed regularly. In that case maybe some other status would be better, such as: “Fixed (Pending analysis)” where it’s reverted to “Open” if the fix didn’t work.

What do you think?


(G Ann Campbell) #2

Hi Alix,

I’m unable to find the ticket right now, but we’ve got this in our sights.