Regarding SonarCloud SAST

We wish to communicate privately. Subscribed to a paid plan but not getting proper results imo, can you privately reach out, so I can share my concerns?


Feel free to use the contact form directly in SonarCloud to have a private conversation and share your concerns there.

Well, this is confusing. The person refused to offer support there, and asked to post here instead about the technical bits, so someone can reach out here via PM. So how am I supposed to get support?

What is the best channel to receive technical support/consultation for the service, please advise @Gregoire_Aubert. We are subscribed to PAID plan, not community.

Hello @SonarSorcerer

Please note that SonarCloud subscriptions do not include support. The best way to seek technical help is going to be here in the Community Forum.

We do have a commercial Support offering as an extra, let me know if you would like to know more.

Thank you,


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