Reconsider third-party analyzers in SonarLint

As per the FAQ, SonarLint doesn’t support third-party analyzers, and there’s no plans to do so. The reason given is that these analyzers already offer their own integrations.

While that reason is sound, there would still be benefits of supporting them, at least when using Connected Mode. Since Connected Mode is used to reflect a SonarQube Server configuration in your IDE, being able to run the exact same rules in both places would make fixing issues much easier.

Also, there aren’t always integrations from third-parties to every IDE. VSCode, for instance, lacks a FindBugs (or SpotBugs) integration. And even when there is, it would still require that you configure said integration to mirror your SonarQube configuration, not to mention updating it if it ever changes.

In summary, I’m asking to reconsider third-party plugin support in SonarLint to better integrate with SonarQube through Connected Mode.

Hello @flavionm and welcome to the Sonar Community!
One of the reasons we don’t support running third-party analyzers in the IDE is analysis performance. As we strive to provide a good user experience while we add more and more complex detections to SonarLint, we need to ensure the plugin does not slow down the IDE, and this is harder to achieve when running non-Sonar analyzers.
May I ask you what programming languages you code with and what analyzers you would like to add to SonarLint? Also, I’d be interested to know what why you’d love to run those analyzers in SonarLint, i.e. what additional value they provide w.r.t. to Sonar built-in analysis.
Depending on the value for our users and the feasibility, we can also consider enriching our analyzers with additional detections.