Question about Sonarqube Version 6.7 (build 33306), is it the same as Sonarqube 6.7.7 former LTS?

My company has an on-prem Sonarqube server that has the following version. It is displayed as “Version 6.7 (build 33306)”. Is this Version 6.7 (build 33306) the same as the Sonarqube 6.7.7 former LTS under this link:

I just wanted to be sure that the release notes that I’m looking at are both the same. Thanks.

Hey there.

SonarQube v6.7 (build 33306) would be SonarQube v6.7.0. v6.7.7 (build 38951) is the latest bugfix release (and the version available to download on the Downloads page).

Whatever the case – the release notes linked are for the major release, v6.7.0