Build and deploy Sonarqube 6.7 from its GitHub source code


(Binay Paul) #1

Hi Team/Folks,
I am very new to Sonarqube and I need to use Sonarqube 6.7 (I am aware that there are later versions to 6.7).
I am trying to build Sonarqube 6.7 from its source code (Source code (tar.gz)) available on GitHub
I have tried to follow the steps mentioned in but this didn’t help much as there’s no “gradlew” file.
Please help me with the steps to follow.

(Duarte Meneses) #2

Hi Binay,

SonarQube 6.7 is the current Long Term Support version and can be downloaded here:

(Binay Paul) #3

Hi Duarte,

Thanks a lot.
As I needed version 6.7, I downloaded that from
But I couldn’t find any of the .java files or source codes. Please help.
I will also highly appreciate if you let me know the steps to build and deploy Sonarqube-6.7.


(Duarte Meneses) #4

I strongly recommend that you use v6.7.6 instead of v6.7 because it will include important bug fixes on top of v6.7.

These zip files contain SonarQube already built and are ready to deploy. They don’t include the source code.
You can find more information about the deployment here:

(Binay Paul) #5

Hi Duarte,

Thanks you so much again.


(Nicolas Bontoux) #6

In fact, you can also refer to the top-level SonarQube Downloads page: it’ll let you get the latest LTS version, and importantly too it also link to 6.7.x-specific links for What’s New and Documentation.

One last question for you Paul: can you share the core reason you absolutely need to go with 6.7.x, and cannot give a spin to latest versions? that can help us adapt our messaging/recommendations.

(Binay Paul) #7

There is no such specific reason. I read across a few blogs which said 6.7.x/6.7 being very stable so preferred to give that a shot.

(Binay Paul) #8

Hi Duarte,

As Sonarqube is open source, can you suggest me any repository or location from where I can download the source code of Sonarqube 6.7.6.


(Nicolas Bontoux) #9

Hi Binay,

Ack. In that case I suggest you go through this post too:

Because if you do have no specific reason to go with 6.7, then I would highly recommend you actually check-out latest versions, given the huge set of added functional value that was delivered since late 2017 (just glance at all these rich announcements to get a quick feeling of it: 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 7.5).

  • source code is in the price GitHub repo you mentioned in your opening post: (note: you can browse past releases via their respective branches in GitHub)
  • as discussed in this thread though, if all you’re looking for is using SonarQube, then just download directly the built releases @

(Binay Paul) #10

Hi Nicolas,

So finally I decided to go with v7.5 as its source code is available at I know that I can use the built releases but I need to build it from its source code and then use it.
However, building it from v7.5 source code available at didn’t go smooth, I am now stuck with junit test case failure which caused the build to fail.
Internet wasn’t of much help in solving this. It will be great if I can get help here. PFB the screenshot:

(Nicolas Bontoux) #11

This is very hard (for me) to understand without further explanations. Appreciate if you can explain why you need to build it from source code.

As far as compilation is concerned, I personally don’t have the knowledge to help on that.