Recommend the SonarQube version developer should use

(Sonali Duraphe) #1

Hi Team,

You are doing a good job.
Wanted to ask one question.
I have used 6.7.6 LTS(most stable[written on SonarQube site]) version, it gave me some no of bugs and code smells. I fixed it.

Later on i just upload same code on SonarQube 7.4 version and this is giving different report.

So please suggest/recommend which version should I use.
Why you are saying LTS version is most stable?

Thank You.

(Benoit) #2


LTS version is more stable because major bugs and vulnerabilities are back ported, which is not the case for intermediate versions. We also spend a few weeks working only on bug fixing prior to the LTS release.

That said, you should definitely have a look at the following topic if you want more details about differences between LTS and intermediate versions.