Query related to code analysis

I have subscribed to SonarCloud with €10 / month plan and under free trial for 14 days period. Now I have successfully integrated one of my project for code analysis. Whenever I make changes in code and committing code changes looks like SonarCloud is reviewing all lines of code again. Ideally, It should review only last committed code changes not whole project. Is it possible to achieve this so that SonarCloud consider only last committed code changes for review? Also, When I am checking billing section, it is not showing any pricing Awesome Screenshot. Can you help me understanding this? I am also ready for call if possible.

Hey there.

What exactly is making you think this / is causing concern? Screenshots, logs, etc. would be helpful here.


I don’t want SonarCloud to review code which is already reviewed. I only want it to review new code which I committed.