Quality Profile rule not evaluated on PR

SonarQube 9.9 - Docker Version - Developer Edition

Hi everybody, last week I found a weird behaviour on my Sonarqube instance.
In one frontend project (reactjs), a quality gate rule wasn’t triggered on my PR, but after I merged it on main branch, the main branch got red because of my change.

I don’t remember the rule name now and the our devs already fixed it, but it was something about having 8 parameters when the maximum allowed is 7.

Can it be any misconfiguration on the quality profiles/gate ?

Hey there.

Sometimes (and it’s pretty rare) an issue can be raised in the main branch if the issue itself doesn’t have a location on a changed line. This isn’t related to any specific configuration you can control, but we do hope to improve this behavior in the future: https://portal.productboard.com/sonarsource/3-sonarqube/c/295-new-pull-request-issues-on-unchanged-code

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