Project does not pass the quality gate after successful Pull Requests

After migration to SonarQube 8.9 we faced behavior that we cannot understand. We have a Pull Request and did analysis for it and it passed the quality gate. Then we merged changes to the master branch and did branch analysis again and it failed with 1 new issue on the New Code.

We have default settings for New Code: “Previous version: The New Code will be based on the analysis following the previous version.”

Conditions on New Code apply to all branches and to Pull Requests: Issues is greater than 0

Thank you

Hey there.

Let me suggest sharing:

  • A screenshot of your project dashboard (main branch)
  • A screenshot of the issue raised after merging your Pull Request (you can obscure the filename, but it should be clear what the issue is about)
  • A screenshot of the pull request dashboard (in SonarQube)

Unfortunately, we already fixed the sonar issue in the master branch and it already green. The issue was:
(S107: Methods should not have too many parameters)

Once we faced this behavior again, I will add a screenshots here

We had the same issue again. Please take a look on attached screenshots.

SonarQube version is: Developer Edition Version 8.9 (build 43852)