QUALITY GATE STATUS passed with out analysis report

  • Developer Edition
  • Version 9.1 (build 47736)

Hi @sureshinpix,

Thanks for reaching out.
Do you mind explaining us a bit of context ?
What have you achieved so far ?
What are you trying to achieve exactly?


Hi @Yacine ,

trying to integrate repo with sonar for code analysis, seems build was passed but did not see any results abut analysis, its just showing green color, and measures are zeros . even l am not able to see any statistics about analysis. all are showing zeros nothing else.


any update, awaiting for your inputs to proceed further.

Hi !
I’ve been through your log and my understanding are the following :

  • Your are trying to analyse a pull request
  • The analysis was successful

The screenshot you have sent us means that you have 0 issues. But this doesn’t mean that the analysis failed.
Please note that SonarQube is analyzing the delta between the PR code and the target branch.
That lead us to 2 hypothesis :

  1. The PR contains new code and it’s clean
  2. The new code is not big enough and there is nothing to analyze

Check on your pull request code tab whether there are lines to be scanned by the analysis.

Hi Yacine,

Ok at least it should show how may line of code, and what was the time, here it just giving zero everything .

for main branch it showing as

and for sonar branch

can you check this

Hi can you please update me ASAP , awaiting for your update.

Hi @sureshinpix

Please have a look at the code tab highlighted below.
Here you will find if there is new code, the detailed lines that you have added/modified.

Let me know if this solved your problem.

Nothing it showing ,its not solved , please need your help on priority.


Do you have any update…

Hi @sureshinpix ,

Are you sure that there is a new code? if yes could you show me on git what have you commit ?
Have you changed code on a branch that is not analyzed ?
Can you send me the scan log with debug mode (add in sonar-project.properties the parameter sonar.verbose=true) ?


Thanks !