Python unused local variables

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SonarQube 9.3 and SonarLint 7.4

the error "remove the unused local variable’ is raised when a dummy local variable is used.
Sometimes this is unavoidable, as in

for _i in Range(10):

the workaround is to just use “_” but we already have a global _() used for translation purposes (gettext) so we get UnbouldLocalVariable warnings.

Is it possible to specify a regex to define ignored unused locals? In pylint for example it may be anything beginning with _, or dummy.

Hello @brma,

Thank you for reporting this. It is true that the current implementation only silences issues for variables named “_” and that this is a bit too narrow. Unfortunately, at this time it is not possible to specify a regex to define allowed names.

I created the following ticket to improve this.

Though I know this is not a very satisfying workaround, in the meantime, you can silence the issue by using the NOSONAR pragma comment:

for _i in range(10):  # NOSONAR


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