[python:S1481] Code Smell: Unused local variables should be removed - False-Positive with string interpolation

  • SonarQube 6.5
  • Application analyzed is using Python 3.6


def get_conn_string():
    database_user = os.getenv("DATABASE_USER")
    database_pass = os.getenv("DATABASE_PASS")
    database_host = os.getenv("DATABASE_HOST")
    database_port = os.getenv("DATABASE_PORT",  3306)
    database_schema = os.getenv("DATABASE_SCHEMA")

    return f"mysql+mysqlconnector://{database_user}:{database_pass}@{database_host}:{database_port}/{database_schema}"

The code above is showing the code smell Unused local variables should be removed for all local variables in the function, but all the variables are used in the string interpolation in the return statement.


I believe that we fixed this issue in version 1.9 of the Python analyzer:

You will need to use SonarQube 6.7 (LTS) or any newer version.


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