Pushing test coverage from unsupported languages like Rust or Elixir

We use both Rust and Elixir within our programming stack and, we are aware that these languages are still unsupported in SonarQube / SonarCloud but, we’d like to know if one can manually push metrics for these kinds of projects, provided no issues will be detected. Simple measurements such as lines of code, code coverage, and alike can be extracted for these languages using third party tools and, integration of them with the other projects/ languages that are supported from our stack (Javascript, Java, Kotlin, Swift) into a single dashboard would be desired.

Is that possible somehow?


Integrating Rust’s compiler and linter (clippy) output into SonarCloud


Add Rust language support


Sonar support for Elixir


No, unfortunately you cannot push metrics manually. The only way to generate metrics is by analyzing the code with SC/SQ.