Add Rust language support

Hi, do you plan to support Rust language? If yes, do you have a date of availlability?

Rust are in top 5 of the most growing language on GitHub.
Some tools already exist like rust clippy for linting or tarpaulin for code coverage but one tools like SonarQube is very useful for centralizing all information.

Maybe a first start could be to use clippy and tarpaulin as analyzer and integrate results in SonarQube.

Hi @Dawen,

Thank your suggestion and your praise of SonarQube :slight_smile:

We are aware of the popularity of Rust and will consider it when we choose the next language to support. I can’t promise anything yet as we get many requests for different languages.

If other people support this idea they can vote for this thread and share the features they expect (ex: import of rust clippy reports)


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Hi @Nicolas_Harraudeau,

Thanks for you reply, I’ve shared this post around me :smiley:.