Add Rust language support

Hi, do you plan to support Rust language? If yes, do you have a date of availlability?

Rust are in top 5 of the most growing language on GitHub.
Some tools already exist like rust clippy for linting or tarpaulin for code coverage but one tools like SonarQube is very useful for centralizing all information.

Maybe a first start could be to use clippy and tarpaulin as analyzer and integrate results in SonarQube.

Hi @Dawen,

Thank your suggestion and your praise of SonarQube :slight_smile:

We are aware of the popularity of Rust and will consider it when we choose the next language to support. I can’t promise anything yet as we get many requests for different languages.

If other people support this idea they can vote for this thread and share the features they expect (ex: import of rust clippy reports)



Hi @Nicolas_Harraudeau,

Thanks for you reply, I’ve shared this post around me :smiley:.


Rust support would indeed be awesome. As being said, rust already has very good linting from the compiler and clippy. Hence, all you would have to do is to import their output into the sonarqube/cloud interface.

Rust was the most loved programming language on stack overflow (see their surveys) over the last three or four years!


Our company has fully used Sonar, including the purchase of a commercial version. However, many teams in the company have started to use rust for development, and it is very necessary for sonar to support rust.

We use SonarCloud and we think it is a great product. We have several repositories that use Rust. Please consider adding Rust as your next supported language.

In our org it would be a big issue in determining SonarQube use for our new microservices instead of other solutions

Just up-voted the rust support. Still I wonder: is this feature request only for on-prem Sonarqube or once it is eventually supported, will it be available in Sonarcloud as well?

Very much would love you to add rust support.

We would definitely use sonar if we had Rust language support