Add Rust language support

Sonar Rust plugin v 0.0.4 is out.
It allows importing Clippy Lints as well as some cargo tarpaulin coverage reports
See : GitHub - elegoff/sonar-rust: SonarQube plugin to analyze Rust files

Feedback is welcomed

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Upvoted this. My company is moving over to Rust and would see the support for this language as a must for Sonarqube. There are large parts of the IT industry adopting Rust (AWS, Microsoft) to name but a few. I would think this is a priority for Sonarsource. We are moving away from more traditional languages such as C# & Java to more functionally orientated language, for a large number of reasons.

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Just to let you know, I’ve also published a tool to help publishing reports to from a Rust project by doing the transformation on the client side.

See the thread.


An upvote from me. Rust is our primary language and Rust support would be very helpful!

Another upvote and see the need for Rust support from these articles.

Are you using SonarQube or SonarCloud ? If using SonarQube , and until the Rust language is officially supported, I’d be happy to get feedback on the community plugin I am maintaining at GitHub - elegoff/sonar-rust: SonarQube plugin to analyze Rust files
( If you are facing issue , or need more features ,please use the Github issue rather than this forum)

Currently SonarQube is used to validate applications on a DoD cloud solution which I want to host a Rust based application on and I’m going to have to reimplement because they can’t scan it. They also use Fortify, which also doesn’t support Rust.

We are using SonarCloud, hope Rust on SonarCloud as well!!!