Sonar support for Elixir

Is there any plan to support Elixir in the future? In the meantime, is there a workaround available to report Elixir projects to SonarQube?


Any news and/or comments on Elixir support?


I’ve tried to make it work with some duct tape!

Here is the plugin:

Which I just found out there and compiled, basically it just give you the ability to scan .ex and .exs files.

Then I extended elixir existing tools to create generic reports:

You then need to configure your:

  • sonar.externalIssuesReportPaths
  • sonar.coverageReportPaths
  • sonar.testExecutionReportPaths


Coverage and execution works fine, credo plugin need some work to classify correctly bug/codesmell/vulnerability and time effort (right now it reports everything as code smell with 90 minutes time resolution) but it works :slight_smile:

Hope it helps!

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Excellent news @adrienmo ! Unfortunately, we’ve just started with SonarCloud, which I’m afraid I won’t be able to integrate out of the box with your tools, but I guess I might use them via a Jenkins Pipeline integrated to SonarCloud. I’ll point my fellow team members is this direction, perhaps we could make them work.

Thanks a lot!

Any further progress on Elixir support? How could it be sent to Sonarcloud?