Purpose and explanation about "My Issues" tab


We are using SonarCloud.

We’ve seen something a little weird. There is a tab “My Issues” and when I click on it, I expect to see all my issues from every project (from every branches?)
But it’s not the case. Then, I thought it was only from the master branches. But it’s still not the case (or I miss something).

I see some issues in this tab from one of my project. When I click on this issue I see it come from the master branch.
Ok. I click on the project and select the master branch. I click on Issues. I look for it but don’t see the previous one. Then I filter them by assignee (Me). There’s not an exact match between the ones on My Issues tab and the ones filtered.

Can I have an explanation of this behavior? What is the purpose of My Issues tab?

Hi @Mohicane

Thanks for reaching out.
The purpose of the Tab “My Issues” is for you to see the issues assigned to you and it is from every project.
Could you confirm if it’s the case on your side?



No It’s not the case: Currently, I have 13 issues assign to me for one of my project. If I assign to me another issue (one assign to nobody), the number of issue assign to me in this project stay the same.