Assigned issues not appearing on "My issues"


I’m importing external Trivy vulnerabilities as external SonarCloud vulnerabilities. Then, I assign them to me and I cannot see them in “My Issues” dashboard.

I’m also importing Gosec external vulnerabilities, and those are both assigned and visible to me, so I can understand that is not an issue with external imports.

Is there any flag preventing the Trivy one from appearing in my Dashboard?

Thank you.

Hey there.

Does the issue remain after some time? I know that sometimes there are sync issues in the backend where changes to issues are delayed when filtering on them, and I wonder if this is another case.

Hi Colin.

20+ hours later the status is the same.

Thanks. The delay I was speaking about was seconds, not hours. I’ll reach out for some private details and get an expert on this.

Hi @SergioM

We have a known issue with the “My issues” page. It only displays the issues belonging to the main branches of projects, and not those on other branches.
Could you be impacted by that behavior?

If you try to filter the issues on your project issue page (instead of “My issues”) by assignee and select yourself on the list, do the expected issues show up on the results?
This test is to make sure you are not impacted by the sync delay Colin mentioned.

Hi Claire.

It seems to be the issue you’re describing. I’ve done the test of filtering inside the issue, and it works without delay.

Is there any date or information to track the branches issue?

Thank you.


Unfortunately, there is no date yet.
I added your report to the ticket to help our product team when defining the SonarCloud roadmap.

Have a nice day,