Pull Request works but no result SonarQube 7.8 Bitbucket

we are evalating sonarqube 7.8 enterprise version, with bitbucket data center 5.15
We build develop branch build with
mvn clean install sonar:sonar

Then we for the PR build we use:

mvn clean install sonar:sonar

However i can’t se that there is any lines of code in sonar web gui:
on the bugfix/test branch

and i can’t see anything about the PR in bitbucket gui either, but no erros in sonar or bitbucket logs

now we just made some small changes in pom.xml and some java files, but they aro not visible in the PR branch analysis, what are we doing wrong ?



Could you please have a look to :

  • Check on the dashboard of the PR that no warning are displayed in the upper right
  • Open the logs/ce.log file, just after the pull request analysis have been done, and search for WARN or ERROR


ok, thanks!
No warning for the bugfix (PR) branch.

develop says:Clone with a reference was detected. Some files will miss SCM information. This will affect features like auto-assignment of issues. Please configure your build to not clone using a local reference.

This from ce.log:

$ grep -i warning ce.log
2019.10.23 09:30:20 INFO ce[AW33heScv9SFpiwyqLja][o.s.c.t.s.ComputationStepExecutor] Propagate analysis warnings from scanner report | status=SUCCESS | time=3ms
2019.10.23 13:04:02 INFO ce[AW34SaFBv9SFpiwyqLjc][o.s.c.t.s.ComputationStepExecutor] Propagate analysis warnings from scanner report | status=SUCCESS | time=0ms

$ grep -i error ce.log

Could you check that you see the PR task in the Background tasks page of the project ?

Yes, i can see it there as Project/1 in the background task page (1 is the pull request key)

Could you please send a screenshot of the dashboard of the PR ?

I think the problem is that we are cloning with a reference.
which is default in our build scheduler.