Analyse Bitbucket Pull Request

we are running a PoC with SonarQube 7.8 Enterprise version, we are using bitbucket and we have sonar plugin 2.6.1 there.
I have done a complete sonar analyse of development branch.
i’t s pretty unclear to me and developers how to execute sonarqube on the PR’s in bitbucket.
any hints should be apriciated.
do we need to run a specifik build in teamcity for this PR ?

and sonar plugin i BB, gives error Component ‘xxx:yyyt’ on branch ‘bugfix/test’ not found

Thanks& regards


You need to set your CI to check out the PR’s underlying branch, and then analyze it with the requisite extra PR analysis parameters. This is, of course, after you’ve done the global and project-level configuration needed.


Ok, thanks!
An exampel would be nice. :slight_smile:
we are using develop branch, and PR created on bugfix/test branch.

what global configuration are you refering to ?


Hi Anders,

It’s in the link…


Ok, thanks!
i have actually already done that, global stuff
. :slight_smile: