Pull Request Decoration option missing in Sonarqube Enterprise edition 9.3


We have installed Sonarqube Enterprise edition 9.3, we want to setup Pull Request Decoration for Azure Devops integration.
The following option is not available in our SonarQube Project Settings > General Settings > Pull Request Decoration and select your Configuration name.
Please confirm do we have Pull request decoration option in SonarQube Enterprise version ?


Hey there.

The options are found under DevOps Platform Integrations. Was there documentation that indicated you should go somewhere else, and can you link it?

Thanks Colin for the details.

We could not found pull request options under DevOps Platform Integrations


We need to set up pull request analyses check using azure devops.

Kindly update with steps. We have this setup in sonarcloud, we need the same in sonarqube.


This is the documentation for v8.3 rather than v9.3.

In the screenshot you’ve just shared, you’re back at the instance-level configuration.

Referring to your original screenshot, look here:

Hi Colin,

Thanks for checking,

Even in project level setting under Devops Platform Integration, we could not see Pull Request option. Please find screenshot and help us on it.


These are the necessary settings to fill in for Pull Request Decoration – you’ve found the right place!

Thanks Colin, It works!..