Pull Requests Analysis and Feedback

SonarQube can comment directly on the line of code it found an issue in, directly in the Pull Request.
how to configure this for Azure Devops?
Developer version

In fact, this should happen almost automagically if you have SonarQube analysis running as a part of your Pull Request builds in Azure Devops. Is that the case? Do you see Pull Requests analyzed in the SonarQube UI, with a link to your pull request in Azure DevOps?

Hi Colin,

This is no longer true. You guys have made a change in sonarqube 8.6 so that it no longer works automagically. You have to set it up manually now. See: Azure Devops project name missing warning after upgrade to DE 8.6

And, my understanding is that it still works right away :slight_smile: However, you’ll get a warning if you didn’t go through Project Onboarding or configured the repo later.

It only works on existing projects, not on new projects. As per @pierreguillot
Since this user is asking how to configure PR decoration, it makes sense that it is a new project and thus it will not work automagically if the user is on sonarqube 8.6.

See: Azure Devops project name missing warning after upgrade to DE 8.6

@Rouke.Broersma.IS It will still work automagically – if the project is tied to an Azure DevOps integration in Project Settings > Pull Request Decoration, the Name/Repo needs to be filled out (or else the settings won’t save).

For some interesting technical reasons… PR decoration will work no matter what if it’s kicked off from an Azure DevOps pipeline. It’s a little funny, but it’s why I’m asking @poizon59 to first focus on what happens now when a Pull Request analysis. We can dig into the details of the configuration later.

Ooookay… Perhaps @pierreguillot can confirm then that he was not correct before when he told me that PR decoration will not work automagically for sonarqube projects that are new since upgrading to sonarqube 8.6?

Because now I just have more conflicting information.

I’ve reopened your existing topic so we can focus on helping @poizon59

yes version 8.6, as soon as I set everything up, add information. Thank you

and where should I add it manually?

or before it’s too late to use an earlier version?

Hey there.

I’m not sure what you’re asking exactly. Can we return to my last question?

Hi @Colin_SonarSource i cannot see any pull request in SonarQube UI.

I have created a Status Checks in devops and nothing happens:

I saw my main branches:

But 0 PR’s:

Any ideas?

Just a note, i could make a full branch analysis, but i want the same in every PR creation. What i should do?


It’s fixed.