Pull Request Analysis under the GitHub Checks Tab does Not get refreshed when there is status update made on Pull Request dropdown menu on SQ for Cobol Project

Sonarqube 7.9.1 Enterprise Edition.
GitHub Enterprise 2.20.5Cobol Projects.

We are using SonarQube PR decoration with GitHub Enterprise.


  1. I created a Pull Request on GitHub and Sonarqube Pull Request Analysis for COBOL files were reported new issues under GitHub Checks Tab.
  2. After reviewing the results,I updated a few issues on Sonarqube from the Pull Requests
    dropdown menu of the COBOL project (marked as won’t fix/resolved) and number of issues were
  3. This revised number of issues is Not reflected for the Pull Request on GitHub checks tab, it still
    shows the initial numbers of issues.

Is there a reason why the status updates performed for the PR on SQ does Not show up for the PR on GitHub Checks tab? The PR on GitHub was still in Open status.

Details are here

PR# 170 on GitHub shows 309 issues after the scan.

PR-170 on SonarQube : I updated the results and resolved/closed a few issues and left 2+ 11=13 issues in open status. If I click on PR it takes me back to PR-170 on GitHub with the initial 309 issues and does not reflect the changes. I was expecting to see 13 issues for the PR on GitHub

Any reason for this behavior?


Do you have any warnings/errors in web.log in the logs directory of sonarqube?

Hello, There was no errors/warnings in the web.log.

I confirm the numbers in GitHub checks should be updated. I’ve no idea how I could reproduce the issue.
I suggest you enable the debug logs in the Web process, hoping that we get something useful out of it.

Please see the Debug logs attached , don’t see any errors/warnings in the logs
debug PR180.log (50.8 KB)

We submitted another PR#180(feature to develop branch) and it behaved the same way… Github checks did not get updated.