Sonarqube Pull Request Analysis does not carry the status while merging long running branch to another for COBOL files

Sonarqube 7.9.1 Enterprise Edition.
GitHub Enterprise 2.20.5

We are using SonarQube PR decoration with GitHub Enterprise.
We noticed Pull Request Analysis for COBOL files on long running server branches develop/integration did not carry the status from server branch to PR analysis.

What could be the reason ?

Here is the sequence of steps

  1. On GitHub I merged a feature to develop branch and Sonarqube ran and reported new issues on COBOL files. Now we decided to resolve some issues as won’t fix with comments and left a few remain in open as shown below on develop branch.

Created a Pull Request on GitHub(merge develop to integration branch) for COBOL files.
Pull Request Analysis scan shows zero issues.

Is there a reason why it dint carry the SQ resolution for issues updated from develop branch as is ?
Is there a reason why it shows zeros issues?

I was expecting to see the same status with 14 code smells, 2 new bugs on the Pull Request Analysis.

However after the Pull request is merged from develop to integration the SQ Scan runs and retains the status.