Pull Request Analysis - Issue update in SonarQube does not update Checks status in GitHub

SonarQube 7.9.4 Enterprise LTS

I am using Pull Request analysis configured with GitHub Enterprise and Jenkins.

After creating PR, the scan works fine as expected and results are updated back to GitHub. However, when I update the status of an issue in SonarQube, the updates are not sent back to GitHub.
What is the issue here ?

Note that the warning you see on top right has nothing to do with PR analysis. It just says bytecode of dependencies is missing.

After updating issue status in SonarQube, nothing changes back in GitHub checks.

Hi Ankur,

This isn’t an issue so much as a misalignment of expectations. We don’t do PR decoration following an issue status change. You’d need to trigger a fresh scan on the PR if you wanted to see the decoration get updated.

Thanks Jeff for confirming this. One of the comments I saw in another issue made me believe that numbers in status checks should get updated.

I stand corrected! I didn’t think we did anything to reach back out to update after issue changes in the SonarQube UI, but we do. At least in 8.5, I can see the update take place if I mark issues resolved manually. If debug-level logging is enabled, you can see the update take place in your web.log - perhaps this then is also where you could see evidence of any error.

After enabling debug logs, this is what I see in web.log after PR analysis completes:
See attachment with time starting from *2020.10.27 14:25:37

Once I update the issue status in SonarQube, this is what I see in web.log: (I have redacted some log)
See attachment with time starting from *2020.10.27 14:26:47

I don’t see any errors as such. And why is there {Server: GitHub.com} ? I am using GitHub Enterprise.web.log (8.0 KB)

Does your GitHub Enterprise API url end with /api/v3 ?

Yes, If this is what you mean:

Any further updates/hints ? Or is this functionality not supported by v7.9.4 ?

@pierreguillot @Jeff_Zapotoczny this is still not working. Do you have any further comments to make it work ?