Still seeing PR Status check failing to update GitHub

For the most part things have been fine but after the hiccups earlier in the week, we continue to see status check in our private GitHub repo not get updated after a PR has passed.

We’re perpetually seeing


even though we can see the results of the branch analysis as being Passed.


Hi @NeuroVic,

Can you share the background task id of the analysis that is not reported back to GitHub?


Hey, @Marcin_Majewski

Here’s one from yesterday:


Hey @NeuroVic,

The problem should not appear anymore. Can you re-analyze and verify?


Looks good! Thanks @Marcin_Majewski. Do you know what the root cause was?

It was an issue related to the degraded user experience for branch decoration with many issues on GitHub that happened last week. Thanks for reporting the issue!

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