Project webhook does not get delivery


I am using SonarQube v.8.1 (build 31237) with developer license. I want SonarQube call a webhook to Microsoft Teams for notify the scan results. I created a generic webhoook on MS-Teams and already tested. The link is success to send notification by PostMan from my laptop and curl from SonarQube server. Then I put this link in a new project webhook and test by running scanning and send to SonarQube server. I see the new scanning result shown on web but no delivery status update on the webhook. It looks like the webhook is not trigged.

Command I use:
mvn sonar:sonar -s …/settings.xml -Dsonar.projectKey=testhook -Dsonar.projectName=testhook -Dsonar.projectVersion=129_master -Dsonar.sources=src ‘’ '-Dsonar.exclusions=/test/,/liquibase/,’ -Dsonar.login=admin -Dsonar.password=xxxxxxxxxxxx

Can anyone suggest me the solution?

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Welcome to the community!

I’m not entirely following your setup.

Is this a URL you expect SonarQube to invoke? Or one that’s invoked/requested by MS-Teams?

Could you be explicit about where you’re looking for this, please?



Thank you for your reply.

Microsoft Teams has a feature to integreat with other by provide a webhook url for other system to send message into a chat. For example, GitHub like below picture.

My webhook is defined at project > Adminstration > WebHooks like below picture

Do you see any things look strange?

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Thanks for sharing the screenshots; they help!

I see in your SQ screenshot that your last analysis was on 15 May, presumably after you defined your webhook. I also see that the webhook has never been sent. Okay, so far so good bad.

What I also see is that you had 2 warnings on your last analysis (the yellow box toward the top-right). I’m wondering if one of them will explain why your webhook didn’t fire. Could you see what the warnings are and whether either of them has something to do with your webhook?



Yes, I did it after I defined the webhook.

There is nothing related to webhook as picture below.

I have to do shallow clone because the github repository is very huge. Without shallow clone, jenkins cannot finish cloning before timeout.

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Could you please have a look at logs/ce.log, and check if there are some errors about webhook ?


Thank you for your suggestion. I looked in ce.log and found some exception form slack plugin. I removed the plugin and the webhook got trigger. Unfortunately, the delivery was fail because MS-Team general webhook rejected the request.
This is because the ‘summary’ attribute is a required field for it. I will continue work with my MS-Team integration team for fixing this.

Thank you very much for your help.

Good news, I’m happy that you’ve found why the webhook was not sent by SonarQube.
I hope you’ll be able to fix the remaining issues.

Do not hesitate to come back to this forum if needed !