Integrate webhooks to Microsoft teams channel

Im working on setting up Sonarcloud to work with Azure DevOps. I need to send the result of the analysis to our private channel on MS Teams when some pull request is done or any branch is analyzed. I was trying to setup a webhook on SonarCloud/Administration/Webhooks page, adding the url of my teams channel. But looks like it is not working because I don’t see the result of the analysis on my channel. Is there anything I’m missing as part of configuration on teams in order to accept incoming webhooks? I can see that it is trying to delivery but if fails.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hi @palak.joshi!
No one here is familiar with MS Teams enough to help you I think. But what is the error message you got?
The only thing that SonarCloud does is a POST to the URL you provided so… check that your distant url can be contacted from outside your domain.

Kind regards,

Btw, out of curiosity, what is the kind of notification you want to send to Teams?

Hi @Christophe_Havard, basically I’m trying to send status - which project was ran and what was the status of the analysis passed/failed.

Thank you for your answer :wink: