WebHook to Microsoft Teams

I am setting up an automated code analysis system with SonarQube which reports into Teams every day and I am using the Community version for now.

I want to use Teams as we are migrating away from Slack as the business has decided to use Teams and shutdown the use of Slack.

I an using the Incomming Webhook in Teams which is working fine work other products, but just not for SonarQube.

I set up the webhook in SonarQube and I can see that it in fact is pushing notifications. I just don´t see them in Teams.


  • I am using the same type of webhook in Teams for Uptime-robot and that one work fine.
  • I am getting a error code 400

This is a kind of deal breaker for the business meaning, that if this does not work, then they are reluctant to start paying for SonarQube, which I think would be unfortunate as I believe that we can profit from using SonarQube.


Unless the incoming format Teams is expecting has changed, I think this is relevant:


Ahh darn and there´s no plugins for SonarQube that can transform from one to the other? One which does not require Azure.


It did occur to me that you could set something up in the middle to catch the webhook, parse it and then send on a message in the format Teams is expecting. But I’m not aware that such a thing currently exists => you’d have to build it yourself.