Project Key Pattern not working

I have created a permission template and added browse perms to the group I am a member of and a filter of service-.* (example project key service-helper). However I am seeing all repos after a bulk apply. If I remove all perms from the permission template and bulk apply I no long see any projects which is what you would expect as the AD group I am testing with has no permissions under the default template. I even tried specifying just a single project key in the filter (service-helper) and bulk applying and I still see all repos. Version 8.9.2


Can you give the steps you’re using for this? I guess in Administration → Projects → Management you run a search, check off the projects you want to apply the template to and then click the Bulk Apply Permission Template button?

And when you say you’re “seeing all repos”, where are you seeing them? In the Projects page or in the global Administration pages?