Project ID, Configuration name by API

Hi! I need to pass a parameter “Configuration name” and “Project ID” by API in
“Project Settings->DevOps Platform Integration”
but in official documentation I did’nt find how to do that. Maybe someone knows how to do it and is it possible at all?
Our Sonarqube: Enterprise Edition Version 9.2.4

Hey there.

Check the api/alm_integrations suite of Web APIs in the Web API documentation (linked in the footer of your instance)

Thanks for the answer, I looked it up, but don’t find what I need in api/alm_integrations, there is only an option to do an import and create a project in sonarqube. In my case, the project already exists, and need to change the parameters for it. There is no information on how to bind the ProjectID to an existing one.

Ah, sorry, monday morning :sob:


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Thank you so much, Colin!
It’s works!! Good luck to you!
P.S. monday morning was really very hard :smiley:

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