Sonarqube/SonarScanner Gitlab integration

SonarQube Developer Edition 9.3; SonarScanner

Is there any way to enable DevOps Platform Integration (Gitlab in my case) for each project through the SonarScanner cli: to select “Configuration Name” and to set Project ID? I see that there is a way to do that through the Web API. is there similar setting for SonarScanner?

I don’t want to configure those integrations manually each time the new project started.

Hi @alex_k ,
There is no way to pass those arguments into the sonar-scanner CLI. These parameters belong to the instance/project configuration itself, not the analysis (which the scanner aims for).
I guess there is no other way than passing it through the webApi.

I hope it answers your question.
Kind regards,

Hi @Christophe_Havard ,

Thank you, already done that with the API request

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