Project Badges not respecting Server base URL

Currently using sonarqube community 7.9.1 (docker image sonarqube:lts)

I have configured a different Server URL under Server base URL in Adminsitration > General settings.
It works alright elsewhere, but when getting project badges, they are built using my current URL, instead of the configured Server base URL.

This is important for me because Sonarqube is hosted in an internal network, which is only accessible through a VPN. I only open the specific route related to project badges to the internet with a load balancer using a different URL.

The public url is https://sonarqube-public… and the private url is https://sonarqube
sonarqube-public redirects all requests to sonarqube if the route doesn’t match that of badges.

I can just change the url of the generated markdown tags to use the public URL, but I was hoping it would respect the Server base URL configured.


Welcome to the community!

IIRC, changes to the server base URL require a restart to kick in. I would give you a ticket to reference but my Jira-fu is weak at the moment (Mondays…). Have you restarted since you updated that config?