Badges for private projects on self hosted SonarQube

Would love to see this feature for the self hosted server version of SonarQube. I am trying to pull badges for display on a combined DevSecOps dashboard but get nothing for private projects. I know there was something started back in 2018 (Badges on private projects).

Hello Larry,
Thank you for showing your high interest in this feature. I know the work has started a long time ago, unfortunately this feature has been postponed again. I hope to see it coming for the first semester of 2021 :crossed_fingers: :wink:


Please let me know if this feature has been implement

hi @hankchan101 , yes I will. You can follow the status of this feature on our public jira, here.


Do you have any news about this feature?

I’ll be waiting for this) I hope it’s not gonna take much time

@djebos @hankchan101 I can’t wait, so I created this project to solve the problem of private project badges. :GitHub - TapTap/sonarqube-badges: Allow sonarqube to use badges in private projects

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still suprised, that we not have badges on private repos.

We run in my workplace, a SonarQube server (version 8.9) and cant make the projects public.
Its just how an enterprise is working…

But we would like to use the badges in our docs.

Is there really no way to enable badges on private projects?

What does the community think?

  • Yeah, badges! :partying_face:
  • meh, dont need them… :nauseated_face:

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Hi everyone,

You can follow the status of this feature in our public roadmap.
We’d like to have it as part of SonarQube 9.1.