Badges on private projects

+1! We also have the need to show badges on external webpages from private projects. Is there a timeline that you can communicate today?

+1 We had a working solution in SonarQube Server 7.3 with /api/badges/gate resource. I think this resource was deprecated because after upgrading to 8.2 it is not available anymore.

I would really appreciate a solution for private projects.

… And the good new is that project badges for SonarQube are coming soon !
Hopefully (no guarantee) 8.4, :crossed_fingers:, if not, soon later.
See for details


Any status on when this might be worked and added into server? Have a need to show the badges and coded then into a dashboard but get zero badges due to all projects are private. See the tickets but looks like they are just sitting or stalled.

Thanks for any updates.

It seems that it is still in development (hopefully). Using 8.4 still results in “Project is invalid” as a badge for private projects. Lets hope it will be available soon. :crossed_fingers:

You are completely right. I must acknowledge I went to fast announcing it. My bad :sob:. This feature is still in the backlog and we cannot tell when it will happen.

+1 we like badges

About to set our projects private and came across this. Engineers at our company go nuts with decorating their github readme’s with sonar badges. For security sake we’re going to start using private projects but this is about to result in hundreds of repos now being “decorated” with broken links where the badges were previously. :frowning:

Casting a few more votes for this.
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Yes +1 for this very needed feature !!! it’s about time …

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+1 vote!!!

+1 vote!

Any progress on this feature for SonarQube server?

+1 vote! My company is looking for this feature.

+1 vote, this would be incredibly helpful.

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Hello there,

I suggest that one of you open a new thread on this section of the forum, where this is more relevant :

I’m closing this thread.

Thanks !

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