Badge documentation?

I wasn’t able to find any documentation about how to create project badges for SonarCloud (private projects)
Is this something that is possible, and is there any documentation about it?



Hi Michel,

As far as I know badges are not available on private projects. And rest assured: MMF-1178 - Allow usage of project badges on private projects .

Definitely on our radar then, though you asking here proves a point that maybe this should be more transparently explained. Any suggestion on where you would have expected this to be mentioned ?

OK, thanks.
I would have expected to find it somewhere in the Documenation. But there is no mention at all about project badges (and google is not very helpful with ANY information, too)


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This is a lot strange that private projects can’t have badges. This is like a 30 minute feature, I see how long they took to appear in the first place - is this realistically anywhere in the near future?

+1 for badges for private repos
+1 for mentioning in docs that badges are for public repos only (as for now)

+1 for private repo badges

Please avoid double-posting, as you’ve also shown interest in this thread here:

And actually I believe we can wrap-up this conversation here, as documentation has been clarified, and there is that other thread to discuss the new feature suggestion.

  • 1 upvote for supporting badges with private projects

Hi everybody. Any news on this one? :slight_smile: